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Innovative Irrigation Controllers

Irrigation Products


AgroMagic Cloud Based Irrigation Control

AgroMagic Cloud Based Irrigation Control
  • Time based & volume based irrigation
  • Loop irrigation (Misting)
  • Proportional fertigation
  • 4 starts a day
  • Master valve by programing (otherwise as irrigation valve)
  • Remote manual irrigation ON/Off
  • Remote irrigation plan enable disable
  • Remote seasonal adjustment – 10% - 150%
  • Low/High flow detection (volume irrigation only)
  • Un-planned flow detection (volume irrigation only)
  • Auto water close on high flow detection (volume irrigation only)
  • Online alerts to cell phone or to e-mail list
  • Online reports such as water consumption, alerts by user, communication state
  • Online hourly status report: valves state, accumulator, periodic flow rate, battery charge level (DC only)
  • Weekly water consumption report by e-mail
  • Periodical battery charge level trend
  • Excel sheet report export by click
  • 2.5G (or higher) Cellular network GSM 850MHz, EGSM 900MHz, DCS 1800MHz, PCS 1900MHz.

AC Controller

  • Input voltage: 24VAC | Output voltage for N.C. solenoids: 24VAC
  • Dry contact sensor input

DC Controller

  • Input voltage: 12VDC | Output voltage for DC latch solenoids: 13.4VDC
  • Dry contact sensor input